Xtorque XTO230MM 23mm Heavy Duty HSS COBALT Drill Bit

Item ID: W98723

Model: XTO230MM



  • M2 high speed steel
  • Suits DIY to tradesman
  • Ideal for every job
  • Trade tough
  • For drilling metal, wood and plastic
  • Industrial quality for drilling stainless steel and other tough materials
  • 135 degree Split Point Enables accurate positioning and less drilling pressure
  • Colour tempered finish enables identification of cobalt drills
  • 5% cobalt formula improves abrasive & heat resistance, for increased strength at higher drilling temperatures
  • Constructed of M-35 5 percent cobalt high speed steel for super abrasive resistance in tough metals
  • Cobalt steel extends cutting edge life and maintains cutting life after resharpening
  • Extra hard drill for greater wear
  • Reduced shank above 3/8" allows the use of larger drill bits in a 3/8" chuck
  • Rubber over molded case protects kit if dropped
  • Tap & Drill selection chart for convenient reference.
  • Automatic indexing for easy bit access and identification
  • Removable cartridges: easy to carry bits from case to work site
  • Preferred drill for harder materials especially stainless steel


  • Size: 23mm
  • Material: Cobalt Steel
  • Precision ground from solid cobalt alloyed high speed steel
  • Higher cobalt alters the material characteristics by increasing the hardness and high resistance to abrasion
  • Suited to drilling materials that have high toughness and tensile strength, such as cast iron, bronze, weld seams and stainless steel
  • More suited to CNC machines, Pillar Drills and Drill Presses due to the brittleness of the material compared to standard HSS
  • Hold their rigidity and hardness at a higher temperature than HSS drill bits
  • Split points (self-centering points)

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