Milwaukee 48899399 3pce Metric Step Drill Bit Set

Item ID: W119067

Model: 48899399

RRP: $220.00

Now: $149.00

  • JAM-FREE Performance: Dual-flute design provides greater speed and control
  • Rapid Speed: Optimised for cordless drills in high speed
  • Rapid Strike™ Tip: Creates fast, accurate starts and generates less heat
  • Superior Bit Life: Optimised geometry with Black Oxide coating to cut faster and produce less heat
  • Laser-engraved Reference Marks: Easily stop on any hole size
  • 3-Flat Secure-Grip™ Shanks: Reduces bit slippage in the chuck
  • Made in the USA


  • Bit Sizes: 
    • Step Bit 4mm - 12mm (48899301)
    • Step Bit 4mm - 20mm (48899320)
    • Step Bit 6mm - 35mm (48899335)

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